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September 16, 2013

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Escape is the second episode of Season 1 of Thomas: The Trainz Adventures


The Fat Controller tells Edward to go to the works to get his parts mended. But when he gets there, he finds an old friend named, Oliver. Oliver tells Edward about how he got to Sodor. In his story, Oliver's Manager tells Oliver he is retiring and that a new manager is taking over, but when he meets the new manager he is very rude and thinks Oliver is "old and worthless," Oliver gets to one of the stations on the line and stops for the night, but Class 40 finds him with his coaches and shunts them back to the yard. When Oliver tried to escape for the first time, he met an old brakevan named Toad, who was also trying to escape from scrap. After a short talk with the manager, Oliver tries to leave again, this time with Toad, but as soon as he gets out into the scrapyard, he runs out of coal and starts losing hope. Then, he hears Douglas and his crew talking and wheeshes loudly to get their attention. Oliver tells Douglas that he is trying to escape from Scrap, so Douglas couples up to Oliver and takes him to the works. The Fat Controller comes to see Oliver and asks if he wants to join the railway. Oliver happly agrees. As Oliver finishes his story, a workman walks up and tells Oliver that it's time for a test run. Oliver steams happily off into the sunset. 




  • This is the last episode narrated by SacredWolfie.
  • This episode played as the first part of Little Western Rescue.
  • The working title was 'The New Engines' but was later scrapped and became 'Escape'.

References to the Official Show

  • This is based on the Season 3 Episode; 'Escape'.
  • Rheneas changes paint during the breaks in Oliver's Story, This is a reference to Rheneas' yellow livery in Blue Mountain Mystery.



Thomas The Trainz Adventures Episode 2 Escape

Thomas The Trainz Adventures Episode 2 Escape