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April 7, 2013

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 The Lorries is the first episode of Season 1 of Thomas: The Trainz Adventures 


When Henry is late one too many times, a boat begins to criticize Henry, but Henry complains there is too much work. The Boat suggests it would be better if lorries did his work. Henry is shocked by this. Later at the sheds, Henry tells the other engines what the boat had said.

Soon, three lorries do arrive and the boat is delighted. One of the lorries is rude towards Henry.  Later, Percy pulls next to Thomas when he finds another lorry being rude to him. At the quarry, Peter Sam, Rusty and Duncan run across another lorry. Duncan's driver tells him to ignore the lorry, and they proceed to Lakeside. But when they arrive at Lakeside, Duncan is shocked to find yet another lorry. The lorry tells Duncan that they are doing his jobs now. The Stationmaster tells Duncan's driver that he is sorry for Duncan's replacement.

Duncan's driver then tells him they can head back to the Quarry. As Duncan trundles toward the quarry, he watches a lorry having trouble navigating on a treacherous road. The lorry then falls off a cliff and crashes into some rocks below. The smashed lorry is taken to the docks, where Henry begins to laugh at him. Butch arrives with a lorry that Bryan ran into.

The tow truck explains that the lorry broke down on the level crossing and was hit. James whistles excitedly as he watches men bringing the third lorry in on a barge. Another workman elaborates that the lorry reversed into the sea. Thomas arrives, laughing at the lorries and calling them "The Brothers Grimm": "Smashed", "Broken", and "Sunk". The lorries promise to do better but The Fat Controller sends them back to the mainland and are scraped.




  • Paxton and Hiro weren't in the script, but were added last minute.
  • The Lorries' voices get swaped many times in the episode.
  • This episode is one of the episodes that doesn't have an intro.

References to the Official Show

  • This episode is based on the Season 5 episode, Horrid Lorry.



Thomas The Trainz Adventures Episode 1 The Lorrys

Thomas The Trainz Adventures Episode 1 The Lorrys